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What do Microsoft, General Electric, Dominos Pizza, Fidelity Investments, IBM, Apple, the US Postal Service, Merrill Lynch, Pepsi, FedEx Kinkos, Tropicana and so many other Fortune 500 companies have in common?


They all have employed John Spence as either a professional speaker, a corporate workshop creator and trainer or executive coach.

Because of John’s phenomenal success and dominance in the leadership, people, and strategic space, The RESULTS Group is bringing him back to New Zealand for one amazing seminar on 25 March 2015.

Regardless of how big your business is, John will show you how to dramatically improve the success of your business by becoming a highly effective leader, engaging your people, building a winning culture and sharing with you the key business strategies that the world’s top companies are employing. 

John is a master at delivering research proven concepts in a highly engaging way. But what we really love about him is that he teaches these concepts in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply. He will give you all the tools, techniques and strategies you need to create dramatic, positive results in your business.

This is John’s first workshop in Christchurch and his only New Zealand workshop in 2015. It is also the third time that The RESULTS Group has brought John to New Zealand.

Since John’s visits to Auckland in 2012 and 2013, he has won three significant awards which have put him up there with the likes of Sir Richard Branson - CEO of The Virgin Group; Howard Schultz - CEO of Starbucks; and Tony Hsieh - CEO of Zappos. These awards include: Top 500 Leadership Development Expert in the World, Top 100 Business Thought Leader in America and Top 100 Small Business Influencer in America.

As John says: ”I’m not here to be Average, I’m here to be Awesome” so join us on the 25th and let John show you how to create your own awesome business. Let’s make 2015 the year you create the talent and business you really want.




We are so proud to be bringing John Spence to Christchurch. This will be a ‘once in a lifetime’ event for those who have yet to attend one of John’s incredible seminars.

For over two decades we have led the way in Executive Leadership Coaching, and Business Execution, or as we like to say, getting stuff done.

Great businesses are grown from great processes and systems and we’ve helped thousands of business owners and leaders put these in place to fast-track their business success.

It’s our people that make us special and every single one of us does what we do because we’re passionate about making a difference. We unwaveringly support our clients to focus on, rather than in, their business, enabling them to get out of ‘business as usual’ and focus strategically on growing their business and their people.

Our core framework is called The 5 Pillars of Execution and it revolves around the key drivers of business success: Vision, Strategy, Accountability, Engagement and Cadence. Of course you can’t have a great business without great leaders and overarching all of this is our Executive Leadership Framework, designed to grow the best business leaders in the world.

It is this complete framework that has been recognized by a number of leading Academic institutions, such as MIT in the USA, as one of the leading business frameworks in the world – something we’re really proud of.

From small beginnings we are now a leading business & executive coaching company with a global influence. You can learn more about us here.