Thank you to all those that attended IPENZ Transportation Group Conference 2013. See below for further details from the conference.

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Award Winners
3M Winner:
Brian Ward, Eddie Cook, Teresa Matassa
3M Finalist: Mario Vulinovich, Sigrid McLisky, Vlad Tashakov
3M Finalist: Neil Garnett, Michael Darnell, Henry Pretorius, Malcome Flattery, Zachary Lawrence, Murray Russell
3M Finalist: Mark Lilley, Hamish Mackie, Richard Bean, Colin Brodie, Kathy Mackenzie, Ken Holst
AA Best Technical Paper: Richard Young, Chris Vallyon
Chairman's Prize: Dr Stacey Rendall, Peter Cockrem
Best Technical Note: Andy Hooper, Dr Ranjan Pant
Best Young Author:  Dhimantha Ranatunga, Dave Wanty
Highly Commended Note: Robyn Gardener, Angus Bargh
Highly Commended Paper: Renata Smit, Mark Laing, Grant Daniel
Highly Commended Paper: Bryan Pidwerbesky
People's Choice - Oral Presentation - Monday: Jeanette Ward, Prof Alan Nicholson, Glen Koorey
People's Choice - Oral Presentation - Tuesday: Daniel Newcombe
People's Choice - Best Overall Oral Presentation: Jeanette Ward, Alan Nicholson, Glen Koorey
People's Choice - Poster Presentation: Eddie Cook
People's Choice - Roundtable Presentation: Claire Pascoe, Nichola Davies

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The IPENZ Transportation Group's annual conference is New Zealand's premier forum for the traffic engineering, road safety and transportation planning community.  It is intended to stimulate debate and collaboration amongst peers. Around 200 professionals attend the annual event, which has been running for more than 40 years.

Transportation professionals are increasingly called upon to resolve complex and conflicting demands, with safety, capacity, sustainability, accessibility and land-use frequently against political and budgetary constraints.  The best solutions to these issues often come from interaction and collaboration, where ideas are shared and learning and improvement takes place.  This conference is an ideal forum to facilitate such interaction and to share and discuss issues together.

Along with the conference presentations, which this year includes a number of different formats, there will be the opportunity to showcase new products and services that are helping to deliver the solutions to today’s transport needs. This will be an ideal opportunity to network and share ideas across a diverse discipline.

Collaboration – Transporting us through

As transportation professionals, we are increasingly called upon to deliver better outcomes for society with limited resources. International uncertainty is constraining growth in New Zealand and thereby the investment available for transportation. Collaboration is increasingly seen as delivering those better outcomes with value for money taking the place of lowest price. Even the re-build of Christchurch has tight budgetary and timing constraints where parties working together have been chosen above competition.

In delivering schemes involving transportation, we have an opportunity to make a real difference by moving from the drawing board into the daily lives of the population. We must always be cognisant of the funding available and ensure the investment provides the best whole-of-life return. Mostly, investment in transportation is for the long-term, typically 30 years. We need the best minds to work together to so the right scheme is chosen for our customers, stakeholders and society in general. Everything we do affects the lives of others, our communities, and most importantly, it leaves a legacy for future generations.

Collectively, we must develop well considered views of the highest calibre and have the courage to stand by those professional views. In doing so, we will enable change to benefit society for generations to come. This year’s conference focuses on these principles and is an opportunity to show leadership and engender collaboration to see us through tough times of financial constraint. Let us embrace Collaboration and see this approach Transporting us through.